Support WBHS/M

Support WBHS/M

Museum Wish List

The museum is always looking for new artifacts and the following are of particular importance at this time from the 19th century:

  • Photographs depicting neighborhoods of early Black Milwaukee
  • Materials that document Black owned businesses in early Milwaukee
  • Everyday garments worn by early Black Milwaukeeans
  • Uniforms and any other work related items
  • Materials depicting the civil rights struggle, sit-ins, and the March on Milwaukee

Donating Artifacts or Documents

Due to the volume of items we receive, we ask that you donate items prior to contact the museum staff. If you have items that you believe would be of interest to the museum, please call or write the museum and describe the size, content, condition and historical significance of your proposed contribution to the following:

Wisconsin Black Historical Society/Museum
2620 W. Center Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53206

Please note: The museum does not provide appraisals of any donations. The Wisconsin Black Historical Society/Museum is a charitable organization and fair market value of your donation is tax deductible. If you wish to receive documentation of your donation, please let staff know when your donation is accepted.

The museum does not guarantee that any objects donated will be part of an exhibit, however, there is budget allocated for the preservation of materials collected. Once materials are donated to the museum, they cannot be returned to the donor.


Docents are volunteer teachers who provide group learning experiences in the form of museum tours, demonstrations, or instruction in special activity areas. WBHS Docent Programs provide the following services:

  • Tours for school groups are conducted on a prescheduled basis and are designed to supplement the classroom curriculum or accommodate a specific study interest.
  • Highlights tours provide an overview of some of the popular and significant museum exhibitions. Must be prescheduled.
  • Special interest tours, demonstrations, and hands-on activity areas offer an in-depth look at an exhibition, a collection, or a discipline. Must be prescheduled.
  • Outreach programs –”Take the WBHS” to schools and community organizations. The program may provide an introduction for an upcoming museum visit or a unique educational experience for such community groups as nursing home residents.

Volunteering: Your Part in Wisconsin’s Black History

Wisconsin’s Black History is composed of people who have stepped forward to help another or spoke out against injustices. It is critical that we all work to preserve our rich heritage and begin to build the foundation for preserving our past. As a WBHSM Volunteer, you will know that you have done your part to protect Wisconsin’s Black History.

The Wisconsin Black Historical Society Museum has a variety of volunteer opportunities for those who are interested, including:

  • Data Entry
  • Indexing
  • Filing
  • Becoming Tour Guides
  • Mailings
  • Program Hosts and Hostesses

We also have special events, exhibit work and general museum maintenance. We like our volunteers to volunteer a couple of hours each week, more if you are available for a full year of service. During this year, volunteers are given a schedule of when to work based on individual schedules. Volunteering a few hours each week gives both you and the museum/society a sense of accomplishment.

Volunteers receive the following Benefits:

  • 30% discount on merchandise in the Museum Bookstore
  • Discounted prices to programs
  • Invitations to special events, exhibition openings, and receptions
  • WBHSM Newsletter
  • Educational Workshops
  • Annual recognition events and programs

How to become a WBHSM Volunteer:

Becoming a WBHSM Volunteer is easy! Contact the WBHSM office at 414-372-7677.